What an amazing group of supporters we have!

At the beginning of December, when the weather was so horrible, we reached out to you requesting your support. You were asked to help us by providing funds to provide the necessities of life for the homeless and less fortunate. We set a goal to raise $3,000 to help out by providing warm clothing, new underwear and food for the holidays.

WOW! Did you ever step up. You not only helped us reach that goal but you far surpassed it. Because of your generosity we were able to supply double the provisions we intended to. Henning, with Laurie’s help is going to send everyone a newsletter detailing how we assisted almost 1,000 people this Christmas.

Our hearts are totally swelled with the pride we have in all of you and I can assure you, you have earned the warmth that goes with the good Karma you created.

Your tax receipts will be issued in January for each and every one of you. OMG, did you ever come through!

Henning Nielsen and Don McMillan

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