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Our Story

One More Time Charity Society is a non-profit, provincially registered Society and is a Federal reporting entity. What makes the Society unique is that 100%
of all donations are used for the benefit of the homeless and less fortunate of the Lower Mainland, BC. Our Board of Directors and Board of Advisors are all
volunteers, democratically elected and collect no salary. Our 100+ volunteers do not collect wages.

To date, OMTC Society has fed, clothed and provided toiletries for over 100,000 less fortunate. We have helped many young men, women and children to reconnect with their families and leave the life of drugs and poverty. One More Time Charity is on call 24/7 with street feeding, sleeping bags, clothing and assistance.

OMTC Society is a non-secular, non-judgemental, all inclusive entity, treating all less fortunate as human beings needing assistance. We focus strongly on distressed women and children.

OMTC Society is involved directly with the Youth Philanthropy Initiative Program provided through the Secondary High School Education system. Several times throughout the year One More Time Charity takes a select group of students and expose them to the life on the streets for the less fortunate. The program is designed to educate, expose and “scare them straight”. These students then return to their classroom to share what they have learned with their classmates.

Our Vision

To help the less fortunate with Food, Clothing and Hope.